What is Karaoke??

Karaoke is a device which can which can remove the Vocal Track from the Song and just play the music. Lot of upcoming singers use Karaoke to get the rhythm of the song and also helps them to gain more confidence.

 It wasn’t until the 1970s that karaoke as we know it – scrolling lyrics, microphones, and drunken renditions of Journey songs – became a form of popular entertainment. These early karaoke machines were large and expensive, with tons of song licensing issues. Nevertheless, within a few years, the karaoke machine would go on to be a staple of bar and club entertainment everywhere.

How do they Work??

The Japanese term “karaoke” means ‘”empty orchestra.” Karaoke supplies the amateur with the opportunity to feel like a star while singing along to all of his or her choice songs. The karaoke player plays the backing track to a chosen song and flashes the lyrics across the screen so that the person can sing the song with ease and in sync with the music. Karaoke machines come with their own screens mounted on the actual machines, and some machines can be attached to a TV or to a computer to view the words as you sing. A microphone and a public address system are also used to complete the karaoke process. A public address system is often referred to as a PA system. It is an electronic amplification system that consists of an amplifier, a mixer, and loud speakers to emphasize sounds that stem from prerecorded music, a person speaking, or a message, with the purpose of sharing the sound or message in an amplified (loud) manner so that everyone can clearly hear the message being relayed. CD+G players have an unique feature referred to as a sub-code. The sub-code encodes the lyrics and pictures displayed on the screen. Other systems are configured to display not only audio but video as well. Most karaoke machines are designed with technology that allows the pitch of the music to automatically change and adjust to the amateur singer’s vocal range allowing him or her to be able to single to just about any music selected and yet still retain the original rhythm of the song.

Today’s Karaoke

The karaoke machine of today, however, is a very different beast from the karaoke machine of the 80s. The only thing you really need today is a microphone, a computer, and of course, a competent karaoke software. So assuming you only have the first two, let’s take a look at your options for a quality karaoke software.

Karaoke Software for Windows


KaraFun is easily the most popular “free” karaoke service around. It’s simple and lightweight with an iTunes-like interface which makes it incredibly easy to use. You only need to load up your songs, connect your microphone, hit ‘play’ and start belting out your best version of “Wrecking Ball”


The best part about the software is the KaraFun library, which boasts 17,000 karaoke tracks. Think of it as an iTunes for karaoke – you can select any song and it synchronizes immediately with your local computer. KaraFun offers party passes to the library at $5.99 for 48-hours as well as monthly subscriptions starting at $9.99/month.

KaraFun also offers an online-only web player and a mobile app for karaoke on the go. These offer the same benefits (online sync, KaraFun library, etc.) minus a few desktop-only features.


  • Wide range of features – pitch change, live recording, mic effects, tempo change, etc.

  • Access to KaraFun library with 17,000 karaoke-only tracks.

  • Easy to use.

  • Web and mobile apps.


  • Library missing some old popular songs.

  • Party passes to library are slightly expensive at $5.99

Price: Free to download; library passes start at $5.99

Website: KaraFun.com

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Siglos Karaoke Pro is what you should get if you want something robust and professional Karaoke, and if you don’t really care so much about ease of use and simplicity. Unlike KaraFun, which is designed for casual play, Siglos is meant for more ‘heavy duty’ usage in actual clubs and bars. It has features such as ‘singer rotation management’ to keep track of singers, ‘singer announcement’ to announce the current singer’s name, and even space to add a promo message – features that are indispensable to a club promoter.


Of course, all these features come at a price – the software retails for $99USD. This doesn’t include any songs – you’ll have to purchase them separately. However, you can play songs directly off YouTube, so for small parties, you might not have to shell out hundreds of dollars for additional tracks.

Verdict: Get it if you run a club or a bar and want a solid, no-nonsense karaoke software. Casual users will be better served with something like KaraFun.


  • Tons of features, including tempo change, singer management.

  • Designed for use in clubs and bars.

  • Comprehensive database for managing songs.


  • Clunky interface; not easy to use.

  • No access to online library.

  • No web/mobile version.

  • Costly.

Price: $99

Website: PowerKaraoke.com

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