What if you do not unplug your Charger from Power Socket??

Many times we forget to unplug the Battery Charger from the AC Power socket after detaching the Phone from the Charger, Power socket will be in ON position and we think that the current is being wasted as the Power socket is ON and as we have not connected any Mobile to it, current is being wasted.

But this is not exactly what it is happening, Lee me first give you a brief introduction to what LOAD means in an Electronic Circuits.


  • The power output of a generator or power plant.
  • A device or the resistance of a device to which power is delivered.

So when you connect your Mobile to the Charger, your phone is the LOAD and the current is passed from AC power socket to mobile via Charger. In this way the Power from the AC socket is consumed. But when no mobile is connected the LOAD is very little and hence no power ( Very Little ) is drawn from the Power Socket.

But the best practise is to OFF the Power Socket once your battery is Full. 

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