Now that the 3D entertainment experience is coming back in style with hoards of movies either being filmed in or converted to 3D, manufacturers of television sets are following hot on the heels of the moviemakers and beginning to offer their technology with a 3D option available as well. Of course, however, no  home 3D experience will work without a good pair of 3D glasses. And no matter how wonderful the 3D interface of the television set is, your viewing experience can only ever be as sharp, as pleasant, and as comfortable as your  3D glasses.Let’s have a look at its features….

Sony 3D TDG-BR 100/B

Sony 3D TDG-BR 250/B

Stylish,Ergonomic design

This fresh, new model from Sony prides itself on being user friendly and comfortable. The TDG-BR100 is a piece where one size truly fits all. It comes with a fully adjustable frame that will allow anyone, large or small, child or adult, to comfortably partake of the 3D TV experience. With a sleek, ergonomic design, made to fit the precise contours of the human face, these glasses are unobtrusive and quickly forgotten about when worn properly. They will even fit over another pair of prescription glasses with very little hassle.

 Excellent color accuracy and high contrast

You can enjoy 3d content without compromise to picture quality. The color accuracy of this model is precise, and the contrast and image are sharp. These glasses will integrate seamlessly with your Sony 3D television set in order to provide hours of flawless 3D viewing

Wide viewing angle

The frames are built with an expansive panoramic angle to allow for easier television viewing. This wide viewing angle allows these glasses, unlike many other models, to accommodate as large a 3D TV as your budget can afford while cutting down on neck strain during prolonged viewing periods

Long battery life

Another benefit of the Sony TDG-BR100/B 3D glasses is their incredible level of energy efficiency. The extensive duration of these glasses’ battery life will leave you, if not floored, at least thoroughly impressed. The total battery life of this hardcore model can be as long as one hundred hours before it finally bites the dust. One hundred hours of battery life is equal to an average of over 50 3D movies – nearly a whole year’s worth if watched at the rate of one per week.

The TDG also comes with a feature that is able to quickly recognize when the glasses have been left on and are not being used. This handy sensor will automatically put the glasses into standby mode when you are finished with them, even if you forget. Unfortunately, however, once the battery does run down, it is not rechargeable. You will have to replace it with a new one. Fortunately, this is easily done and will not drain your wallet down too much.  Whereas Sony TDG-BR250/B 3D glasses features a super fast USB rechargeable battery that doesn’t need to be replaced. It takes only 3 minutes of charging time and gives 3 hours use.

These glasses have a special glare reduction tint on their lenses that helps to block out unwanted light from other sources than the TV. They are made to help you focus on your entertainment so that you don’t miss a single frame of eye-popping action. They adjust quickly and flawlessly to the brightness or dimness of the picture and are able to toggle immediately between scenes with low light and bright light for a less strenuous viewing experience. The Sony TDG-BR100/B 3D Glasses are best used with other Sony products such as the Sony 3D TV.


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