Smart Masks – Protect from Pollution

Smartphone’s are now very outdated. To prevent the pollution we see people wearing masks often. But have you ever wondered what it’s quite possible that it masks informed of all the city’s bad climate? Existing masks in the air by filtering out harmful things somewhat better make our breath. At first glance, the masks that reflect the level of pollution is hard to believe.

Pollution in China

Common residents wearing masks as a symbol of China’s modernity is seen. These masks seem to look as if the doctors are brought into use. There are many aspects of masks. Inhabitants of cities such as Shanghai and Beijing to wear masks has remained a dull little exercise. Be it summer or winter season day, sometimes even then it seems to be analogous fashion.

Seeking Mask

Ijafe in pollution levels in recent months, the effect of the boom in sales of masks can also be seen. Beijing in January when the city was wrapped in fog the day he sells the masks were close to a million. Bluetooth has been engaged in the new masks. It can measure the level of pollution in the air and can share related data. The BBC’s Creative Director Rainer Frog Wrestler told many things about this new masks.

Frog’s Airwaves

The masks ‘Air Waves’ has been named. Only need to be re-designed the masks on the question Rainer said, “China has become the custom of wearing masks. Many reasons why people wear masks. To clean the air but also masks some winter sun or in the air to protect yourself from viruses wear. Some of the masks and courtesy.

Imagination takes shape

Rainer admitted that the design of the Nike Plus Airwaves, Fitbit, Glokap and Google products such as glass effect. It was important that the question of what kind of challenges encountered in designing the Airwaves. The challenge is to meet him in a mask without compromising the comfort of the filter, Bluetooth, battery and power circuit should be fitted. Rainer think that will depend on the availability of Bluetooth technology to produce the masks.


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