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The all new Samsung galaxy s4 zoom can be called more a camera ,than a smart phone. It’s idle one for a photographer. This gives most finest picture quality than many other top mobiles available,thus it creates its own mark in the market. Lets have look about the mobile+camera.


This is the most different design available in mobiles. It’s a combo of a camera and a mobile with the basic Samsung front panel view.

Its zoom comes out when the camera is activated. This design gives us a good grip but the phone looks weird when laid on its back. It has a camera snap button available which can be used directly to take a snap.

Once you have taken a shot with this camera, you can surprise your friend by instantly sending that picture in a text while he is still on the phone with you. This camera is indeed very easy to operate. You do not have to hone your photographic skills to use it. Simply by adjusting the Zoom-ring control, you can achieve amazing shots. Quite interestingly, the Zoom-ring control allows you to instantly launch the camera app. As you spin the zoom ring, this Android-powered smartphone transforms into a feature-packed camera.

This camera gives you the wonderful opportunity to pick and choose from a wide variety of camera modes – Auto, Gallery, Smart Mode, Manual, Program and more. As you spin the front-mounted zoom ring and make your choice by a quick touch of the display, you have the whole array of camera modes open in front of you.

Featuring a simple design, this camera is packed with Optical zoom control that boasts of smooth and easy-to-operate digital controls. You no longer have to rely on traditional dials and buttons to capture wide-angle shots and create tight-focus effects.

This Galaxy S4 zoom is equipped with a 10x optical zoom. This inevitably means you can capture clear, beautiful, rich and vibrant shots even from a distance that traditional cameras  allow. Simply forget about heavy gear, you have the luxury to take amazing close-ups even with this small wonder.

Display and features:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom measures 125.5 x 63.5 x 15.4mm, the same height and width as the S4 mini, but thicker. The Galaxy S4 zoom has two faces – that of an S4 mini on the front and a Samsung camera on the back.The design of the S4 zoom is fundamentally the same as the Galaxy Camera’s, though Samsung has moved some things around. If you ignore the back for a second, the device is almost identical to the mini, except the volume rocker is now on the right side. This allows you to use the Zoom in the same way you would the S4 mini.For snapping photos, the grip offers a good hold of the device and you can shoot one handed without worrying you’ll drop it.

Battery and other slots :

The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom has a endurance rating of 61 hours over the 54 hours of the S4 mini. The talk time was pretty good at 15 and a half hours, but the web browsing and video playback were both lower than the mini’s times (by one and four hours respectively).

The microSIM card slot can easily be accessed without having to remove the battery, which is great if you need to swap out the card (the Galaxy S4 zoom will probably not be your primary device and you won’t keep a SIM in it at all times).The microUSB port handles charging, data connectivity and TV Out duties and can be used with the flap open or closed

Motion gestures and Smart Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom comes with several advanced TouchWiz-exclusive features, though not as many as a regular S4.The familiar Smart Display features, Smart Stay and Smart Rotate, are enabled too. Stay prevents the screen from locking as long as the front-facing camera can see your face (great for reading) and Rotate uses the orientation of your face rather than accelerometer feedback to decide how to rotate the screen (the accelerometer gets this wrong if you’re lying on your side).Samsung’s older motion gestures are here too. There’s direct call (dial the contact whose details you’re currently viewing by lifting the phone up to your face), smart alert (makes the phone vibrate when you pick it up if there are missed events), zooming and panning in the gallery, a shake of the phone to refresh the list of Bluetooth devices and muting alarms or pausing music playback by putting the phone face down.

Synthetic benchmarks                                     

The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom packs a relatively old chipset, an Exynos 4212, which is more or less what the Galaxy S II had except that the newer part is built on a slightly better process and has 1.5GB of RAM. Other than that you get two Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.5GHz (this is where the new process kicks in) and a Mali-400 GPU. We’re not expecting miracles on the CPU front, but the GPU should be good enough for the qHD screen.


The gallery on the S4 zoom is the standard TouchWiz Gallery, which is very capable. It has several view modes – Albums (the basic one), but also Time, Locations, People and Favorites, which help you sort through your photos.

The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted with a pinch zoom or with the lens ring. The lens ring can also be used to zoom in on photos.


Still camera interface and features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom features a 1/2.3″ 16MP image sensor and an optically stabilized 10x zoom lens. It’s more or less what you can expect in a midrange point-and-shoot.The camera interface is the latest generation of what debuted on the Galaxy Camera and was later adapted by the Galaxy S4. It offers a host of features, for both casual and advanced users, and navigates carefully between them so it doesn’t confuse newcomers. The camera starts in automatic mode by default, but you can make it start in the last used mode instead. The right column of the viewfinder displays the battery charge, the virtual still and video camera shutters and the mode selection button.

The 1/2.3″ sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is bigger than what most smartphones have and the 16MP resolution isn’t that much higher than current 13MP shooters, which means per-pixel image quality should be better.The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom can record 1080p videos at the standard 30fps or you can go to 60fps at 720p, which offers fluid motion for action-packed scenes.

 In a nut shell:

The Galaxy S4 zoom is closer to a point-and-shoot in size, with similar camera specs and unmatched flexibility even by “smart camera” standards. You could bring it anywhere and it can be the only device you carry.It’s a camera, sure, but it’s also a fully featured smartphone and Android 4.2 offers any functionality you can dream of, from messaging through social networking to unrelated things like gaming or navigation.It’s this versatility that makes the S4 zoom special. Where a new generation camera will bring features missing in the camera you bought last year, with the zoom you just need to grab an app from the Play Store. This makes sure it won’t go obsolete quickly, actually it will be ahead of regular cameras for at least a few years.The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom will never topple smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras, but with an agreeable price tag it can be the perfect travel companion.

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