Is Samsung ready to launch S5??

 A new Samsung teaser has set the smartphone cat among the pigeons, triggering speculation of an early unveil of the Galaxy S5 though a Taiwanese device now seems more likely. Samsung Taiwan showed a Galaxy Gear smartwatch displaying “13:00, Mon, Dec 9″ in a mysterious teaser video it posted yesterday. A Monday reveal would have put the Galaxy S5 well over two months ahead of the currently estimated late-February range — on or about the 2014 installment of Mobile World Congress taking place Feb. 24th-27, 2014. Instead, this is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy J; more details after the cut.


The look of the Mobile seems pretty close to what is expected from S5, a lot of rumours are running around in the Tech World but sources say that nothing can be confirmed until we hear an official stand from Samsung on Mobile World Congress meet. Though S5 is part of Samsung series of high end smart phones – a lot of expectation is on the look and feel of the mobile.

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