Innocube pico projector : A tiny handful of video

Just like an iPhone crams a roomful of devices into a pocketable devices, miniaturization of electronics has now made it possible to create a battery-powered, cube-shaped pico projector just 1.8 inches (4.5 cm) on a side. It has been hailed as a story time projector for kids, but don’t let this description fool you. The Innocube puts the fun back into functional.

Design :

One side of the cube is glass and encloses the projector lens, one side has a power button and MHL connector, and another contains a micro-USB port for charging and a focus wheel. The product comes to you with the splendid design that fits perfect anywhere along with the experience to carry around for its compact size with the weight of only  5.5 ounces (156 grams). It has small size to hold with one hand, but it is sufficient for you to enjoy movies with up to 50 inches of screen in the dark area. it adopts the LED light source with 20,000 hours of life cycle,resulting in no need to replace the lamp.



What’s driving the pico projector is a miniscule Texas Instruments DLP chip containing millions of micromirrors. It operates only with USB cable connection without any additional cord by using image transmission technology through USB. It contains a battery that charges up in about three hours and that is designed to run the device for up to two hours. The device pumps out 35 ANSI lumens of brightness, which isn’t all that bright compared to most full-sized projectors but quite common with pico projectors. Resolution is limited to 640 x 480 pixels, so don’t expect 1080p HD from the Innocube.

Watch This Video….


Charging is fast, and when the Innocube is at full capacity a small charging LED that has been glowing red is switched to green. It supports operating systems such as windows 2000,xp,sp3,vista,7 and

mac os X v10.5 or higher.


  • Incredibly lightweight and small
  • Image quality and brightness was surprisingly good for a pico projector
  • Can be used with HDMI-equipped MacBook Pros right out of the box
  • Good battery life and fast charging time


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