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Many Enterprises use  third party software’s to connect to their internal Organization Network if they are not at their work place. Employees use either Blackberry Phones to connect to the Internal Network through Blackberry private network OR Apple IPAD IPHONE, Android Phones through a software called GOOD.


We have two editions one for Enterprise and the other for personal use :

Good for You ( Personal edition )

Good for You™ extends mobile communications throughout your entire integrated social messaging experience. It’s more than a social media development platform for the enterprise. It’s a suite of mobile device offerings that lets customers safely connect with friends, family, and colleagues in real-time through email, social networking, SMS, IM, and photo sharing – all while using minimal device and network resources.

With the Good for You social media development platform, Good Technology brings greater convenience and functionality to mobile media and worldwide social networks. It works on hundreds of popular handsets – including Android, J2ME, Windows Mobile®, BREW®, and Symbian – and can be embedded for other device operating systems.

Good Mobile Email

Good Mobile Email™ is an easy-to-use mobile email solution that syncs corporate and internet email accounts constantly, without cables or cradles. Your customers can securely access multiple email accounts, including the most popular internet email offerings such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live, and Microsoft Exchange.

Good Mobile Social Networking

With Good Mobile Social Networking™, each customers’s entire social network is at their fingertips, instantly connecting them to friends and colleagues in a whole new way. Good Mobile Social Networking creates a complete interactive experience involving the world’s most popular social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Good Mobile Instant Messaging

Good Mobile Instant Messaging™ provides robust, on-the-go instant messaging services with full access to buddy lists, multiple IM chats, and background operation. Keep  customers connected to their contacts – including those from popular messaging providers such as Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat.

Good Mobile UI-Less

Good Mobile UI-Less enables device manufacturers to differentiate online services by delivering unique customer experiences. Good Mobile UI-Less solutions provide complete access to a rich array of online services, while letting you retain complete control over the custom social media experience on each device.


Good for Enterprise ( Enterprise Edition ) :

Good for Enterprise is a mobile email and collaboration suite that increases employee productivity and satisfaction without compromising security.  It delivers an integrated, intuitive user experience that allows employees to access corporate email, Intranets and documents from market leading devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Good for Enterprise delivers:

An Exceptional User Experience
With a user interface optimized for mobile devices, employees can quickly compose emails, review documents, schedule meetings and much more.  The experience and functionality is so familiar that minimal IT intervention and support is required.

End-to-End Security
Protect corporate data in use and at rest on the device through a secure container that separates business data from employee’s personal information.  Ensure consistent security policies across disparate mobile platforms.  Prevent data loss by disabling data sharing with other applications.  Secure the corporate network with a NOC-based architecture.  Remote wipe corporate data without impacting personal data.

Integrated Device and Application Management
Gain visibility and control over your mobile deployment through a Web-based console.  Enforce security policies, such as password requirements and jailbreak/rooted device detection.  Distribute and manage 3rd party or internally developed applications.


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