FIFA World Cup 2014 – Goal Line Technology

Goal Line Technology is used to help Referee in a Football Game to make the right decision…. As we know the amount of pressure involved while judging during Football World cup, this technology helps to take the right decision within very short interval….


Hawk Eye Technology

We have already seen this technology which is being used in Cricket, tennis and snooker which uses a set of cameras placed in different viewing angles to track the movement of the ball accurately….

The margin of error for the system is 3.6 millimetres. The software can track the ball and predict the flight path, even if several cameras are being blocked and as long as 25 percent of it is visible. The high speed cameras allow the ball to be tracked even if they only cross the line for a fraction of a second.

Produced by a German company Carios Technologies AG, alongside Adidas, the GLT system used a magnetic field to track a ball with a sensor suspended inside. Thin cables with electrical current running through them are buried in the penalty box and behind the goal line to make a grid. The sensor measures the magnetic grids and relays the data to a computer which determines if the ball has crossed the line or not. If the ball does cross the line a radio signal is sent to the referee’s watch within a second. Adidas designed a ball that could suspend and keep a sensor safe and intact even when the ball is struck with great force.

Upcoming News

Fifa is planning also to use goal-line technology in Brazil at the Confederations Cup next summer and then at the World Cup finals in 2014.


  • The benefits far outweigh the costs of not using the technology.
  • Technology is ready and available and proven to be robust.
  • The benefits far outweigh the costs.
  • Technology for the human judgement.
  • Technology and innovation WILL change football completely . . . for the better, Just like it always has and will.
  • Football Shouldn’t Feel So Threatened To Create Transparency In The Codification Of The Game.
  • Goals in soccer are too infrequent to to get wrong. Whether a goal cross the line has to be confirmed.


One essential factor of the system is that it must be used by every team in a competition. This is why it will not be seen in the Champions League for a very long time. Only the wealthy leagues – England, Germany, Italy and Spain – can afford the costs and their clubs represent only a small minority of the number of clubs in European competitions.

  • The technology is used in other sports.
  • Football is an art not a science.
  • It would be divisive.
  • The deliberation of linesmen, particularly Azerbaijani linesmen, is an important part of the game.
  • Goal line technology creates inconsistency in the laws.
  • The costs and changes for a relatively rare scenario are unjustified.
  • It brings no overall change to the causes of success and failure in football.
  • Analogies with other sports are false.
  • FIFA will be contradicting their objective of opening football to the world.
  • This is the first nail in the coffin of flowing football.




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