Facebook will be your Friend!!!!

Often times we upload pictures of a Party/Function that we attended with our Family/Friends which are good to share but sometimes we end up sharing posts or pictures which we regret later after we realize it has already got many Likes and Comments, this will make you sad and embarrassed.

Facebook is planning on providing its users with an Artificial Intelligence Assist which will warn you before you post something you would regret for later and this can help you think for a second.

According to LeCun – a New York University researcher and the leader of the Facebook AI researchers, wants to find a way to intercept bad internet choices. They want to protect you and your online persona from drunk you. The team is working to create a Facebook digital assistant that will “warn” you before you make a decision you might regret.

We all would have had those “Oh!!!!” and “Wooo” moments about our posts but this AI assist will be your Friend looking at the data pattern of your old posts, analyzing the content you post, picture you share/upload and then use its Intelligent Algorithms to warn.

Happy Facebooking!!!!

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