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 We have seen Online chats or group chats what we use in Facebook and regular tweet boxes we use in Twitter…. But Cbox provides us with a interactive Online Chat Box which has a very good User Interface…. let us go through further details….

Get a Cbox and add a new dimension of interaction to your website or blog. Cbox is a unique chat and messaging application that brings the best features of traditional chat and tagging systems to the social web. And the best part – Cbox Basic is completely free.

Visit www.cbox.ws/

Cbox is available in 2 ways

1. Free Usage

Unlike traditional chat, Cbox has perpetual message history so your visitors are placed immediately in context. Cbox is finely customizable to blend into your site, it’s intuitive, making it fun and easy to use, and it’s secure, giving you control over who can post, and blocking spam.

2. Premium Usage

Cbox is designed to be highly scalable, supporting hundreds of concurrent users on a single chat; its compatibility is unmatched – engineered to function on every browser, Cbox takes advantage of newer technology where it’s available, degrading gracefully on older systems. Cbox uses HTML and AJAX technologies – requires no plugins. We’ve packaged this great featureset with additional support into our Premium service.

Courtesy : www.cbox.ws/

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