Apple patents for safe Texting while Driving App

Caution: Texting while driving is dangerous!!!!

With that said, technology is being challenged with some tough situations when we sometimes have to compromise with the fact that our life is more important than being under the shield of technology and using it to our comfort for certain things.

Apple has patented a technology which can make intelligent decision making and work more closely with human interaction.

Technology giant Apple has filed a patent application for a series of apps which safe driving campaigners say could prevent the deaths of thousands of people on the roads.


It is believed one app works by using sensors which can detect how fast the iPhone user is travelling, and whether they are in the driver or passenger seat, by using algorithms which detect the relative position of the driver to the wheel. A related app can apparently detect the number of people in a car – if only one, the phone automatically shuts down.

Although Apple has yet to officially comment, police and road safety campaigners have welcomed the idea. A recent US study found that more than 3,000 drivers died from text-driving accidents – a higher rate than the number of deaths from drink-driving. Texting is believed to be as dangerous as being a quarter over the drink-drive limit.

Studies have found that texting while driving reduces a driver’s reaction time by around 35%. Industrial drivers are 23 times more likely to crash if they text while driving. Although it is illegal to text while driving, 3 out of 10 drivers admit to doing so and police complain that it is hard to enforce the law because drivers have phones out of sight – which also makes the activity more dangerous.


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