The more commercialized 3D-printing has become over the past few years, the friendlier it’s become. No doubt Adobe is responsible for the most widely used design software available today and has now released an update that gives Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers 3D printing and design capabilities in Photoshop.

“Earlier today there was a gap between the content produced by 3D modeling tools and what 3D printers need in order to deliver high quality results. Now, by simply clicking ‘Print’ in Photoshop CC, a creative can bring 3D designs to the physical world,” said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe.



By integrating certain tools, Adobe is bringing 3D capabilities to graphic designers’ hands the world over. What it exactly allows you to do is edit your 3D designs and print them directly from Photoshop. Designs can be printed using locally connected 3D printers such as MakerBot replicator and 3D systems or via built-in access to popular online 3D print services Shapeways for later delivery. You can also Import existing 3D projects in OBJ, STL, 3DS and KMZ files and beautify them with Photoshop’s tools.



This update is great news as creating 3D from scratch is thought of as a new skill for designers. That includes making use of all of Photoshop’s best features: adjusting color, adding texture and even mashing up different designs to create something new.  Generally, when a design is finalized, its creator may find it incompatible with a 3D printer due to holes in meshes, thin walls to print or other problems. Photoshop will now allow you to preview the print-ready model, and then automatically repair meshes and create the required support structures to prevent your model from collapsing while printing.


The update also brings 20 other new features to Photoshop, including an additional new feature called Perspective Warp.

  • Perspective warp will let you see your designs from different viewpoints in 3D, whereas traditionally, Photoshop only gave a 2D view.
  • A smart objects linking tool to make working on several files at once easier.
  • The ability to export responsive SVG files — graphics automatically encoded to scale within a liquid layout.
  • Live Corners, the ability to drag corners to adjust rounding, with options for the type, rounding, and a text-entry box for an exact value.
  • The ability to drag paths in the middle to change the arc.


In an interesting move you can try your hand at Photoshop 3D printing for free. Since it launched the Creative Cloud, Adobe has offered a free 30-day trial for Photoshop CC. The company is even resetting the free trials to try to pull in as many people as possible, so even if you’ve already used up your free trial, Adobe will give you another.


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