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Portable PC’s and now Portable Monitors…. everyone wants their day to day used resources to be portable and mobile. Start up organizations like Able-HD is encashing those opportunities.

If you’re used to the flexibility of multiple monitors at home or in the office, switching to a single monitor can often feel incredibly limiting. Able-HD thinks they have the solution with a portable 17-inch monitor that is thinner and lighter than an iPad.



While many are trying to condense their electronics footprint to a smartphone or a tablet when they leave the office, there’s still a sizable chunk of PC users who really benefit from two or even three monitors to maximize their workflow. These users often have one setup, either at work or at home, that is their ideal setup. When they go anywhere else, productivity suffers as that workflow gets condensed to a laptop. Carrying an extra display with you, unless you’re using a pico projector, isn’t usually something most people are willing to do. Additionally, laptops that have tried to address dual monitor needs have been notoriously bad in the past. If you absolutely must have that second monitor but can neither afford the cost of a big setup nor have the space for one, Able-HD might have a Kickstarter for you.

Packing a 1080p 17-inch display in a very thin form factor isn’t easy. Able-HD seems to have accomplished the task by separating the input connectors from the display and removing the ability to stand the monitor up on its own. The end result is a display that needs a stand, but is light enough to consider traveling with and using when you aren’t in an ideal environment for your ideal workflow. The Kickstarter is currently set up to deliver a kit for $140, and since the project has already been backed ten times over it seems there are plenty of people interested in this experience.


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